Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Growth Amidst an Economic Downturn

Doesn't it feel good to be part of something successful? In fact, if your team wins, you feel like you've contributed, and that counts a lot for your psyche. The Minnesota Vikings won last week on the last second heroics of Brett Farve. I'm sure every Viking fan feels great that their team is 3-0 on the season.

I have the same feeling at Sears Outlet. Our team is on a roll this year. We're opening new stores, growing, and feeling like the hard work is paying off. We're getting close to the magical 100 store mark, and we'll hit that in the next year hopefully! Don't get me wrong -- we still feel the economic crunch, but we're adapting to the realities of the downturn. We're providing customers a channel for cheaper merchandise, and placing our organization on a different cost curve from other retailers. Who else sells refrigerators, washers, dryers and fitness equipment at 20-60% off everyday? Not many. Nordstrom did something wise last year by shifting its resources towards opening more Rack outlets than full-line stores. Sears did too. When the economy does come back though, Sears Outlet is planning to adapt again. We're in it to win it.

Shopping at Outlet Stores: Is it right for me?

Don't you love getting a deal? There was a Consumer Reports study done a few years ago that concluded that outlets generally provide good deals. Outlets can be great places to shop because you can save money on quality items. If you don't care too much about in-season merchandise, these stores can be treasure-hunting playgrounds. I find that the best experiences come when I have something specific that I am searching for. Finding a major discount on a product that I wanted would make any shopper ecstatic. Recently, I went to an apparel outlet and found a pair of shoes that was $40 (originally priced at $150). I couldn't believe I found such a great deal and it brought me back to shopping at this outlet again.

While finding a great deal at an outlet makes many shoppers happy, the economy's health has forced some people to rely on outlets more and more. Outlets and discounters like Walmart and Dollar General are doing quite well nowadays. Are they crowding out the original players in the Outlet space?

NPR has a pretty good audio clip on outlets and how they came to be. Some outlets sell clothes that are of lower standard, while others are channels for selling overstock or refurbished inventory. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97750547

If you haven't been to one lately, I suggest that you check out an outlet and see what you think. Let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloomfield Hills, MI is next!!!

Construction underway in Bloomfield Hills, MI - Here you go, Detroit!!!

Looking good - Product on the way! Who wants to save 20-60%, EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch for updates...

More Pictures From Greensboro, NC

Here’s a picture of the facade of our new building in Greensboro, NC. ust to let everyone know, the Outlet we’re building is in the same building as a KMart. You can barely see it on the right of the picture, but there’s a KMart sign on the facade.

Sears Outlet in Greensboro, NC

Here's some pictures of the construction activities in Greensboro, NC! As you can see, our team has been doing a lot of work to get this store ready. We’re opening several stores this year, and many in 2010. It’s such an exciting feeling to see new stores being built!

Sears Outlet: Who are we?

Are you looking for a deal? Sears Outlet has an amazing assortment of home appliances and apparel at 20-60% everyday prices. We have 87 locations nationwide so if you are on a budget, like bargain hunting, or want to check out a new Sears store format, come visit us. We don’t have the frills that many of our competitors have, but we like to be no-frills so we can provide you the best possible prices on the products that you want. In the next few weeks, we’ll be posting deals, pictures, and excerpts about some of the things we’re doing. We hope you come visit us soon.
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